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I got dragged out at 6am for the Colorado balloon classic. Worth it. #hotairballoon #colorado

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hey there! I bought your survey corps patches a while back, and uh... for some reason, I can't get them to iron on? I don't know if there's something obvious that I'm missing (are they not iron-ons??? what do???) or what but, uh, I thought I would ask? this is my first time using anything like this so I'm a bit flustered.
shikarius shikarius Said:

It’s a plastic adhesive, so you’ve gotta get them really really hot. I’ve found out the best thing to do is get the patch lined up and iron it from the back of the fabric. Chances are your fabric is thinner than the patch, so the adhesive should melt more readily since the heat is more direct.

yukipri replied to your post: Japan, we need to talk.

Bakumatsu Rock in general is a little too much. I can’t take take the anime in more than small doses at a time. But Ryouma’s costume would be so fun…cosplay with me? :3

I know… I can only watch an episode at a time and then have to take a break from second-hand embarrassment BUT THE COSTUMES ARE SO SHINY UHGH. 

But yes. Please. I was about to make a post, but I bought a wig for Okita and I love Shinsaku’s outfit… *A*

Japan, we need to talk.

…damn that was fast. Somehow the China post one got here before the dhl order. So yes. I admit it. This douchecanoe is one of my favorites. #haikyuu #tsukishima #hurryupkuroo

Petticoat level: small house. I finally caved and added a single hoop to the innermost layer to keep it off my legs, but otherwise it’s all 4 layers of triple tiers of tulle. 104 linear yards orz
There’s a soft crinoline top layer to smooth it out; I just need to decide how to attach it. The over skirt is heavy, but if this petticoat still needs another layer, I’ll cry.
#petticoat #cosplayprogress #neveragain #diy #sewing

Smile for the camer—- hrk. Deeeeefinitely need to redo the teeth stat and everything’s still pinned together. With hair pins. So pro. Also the wig is a stand-in; I still need to cut mine.
#kanekiken #tokyoghoul #cosplayprogress #leatherwork

Gre done! Main costume fabric in the wash, let’s cut out something I’ll have no time to finish~! #kigurumi #colossaltitan #alreadyjudgingmyself #cosplayprogress

I think the only thing that has been keeping me sane while studying is cute stationary material… GRE is on Monday… almost there. Almost… #grehell #canievensayalmost #whenitsa5hourexam

You’d think that putting Kaworu on a bottle of eye drops would be a good indication that they’re painful or otherwise tear inducing. I didn’t pay quite enough attention.
…after checking the ingredients, it seems like I just shot the equivalent of a Monster energy drink into my eyeball. Metal.
#kaworu #whycaffeinatedeyedrops #nge #kaworunagisa