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Asker yumetoki Asks:
Hi! I'm a first time cosplayer and I'd like your advice on places to buy fairly cheap/moderately priced wigs besides eBay bc theirs tend to be thin :( I know most places are $30 for a long wig and good quality but that's kinda too much for me.
shikarius shikarius Said:

Hm. You’re a bit limited (especially considering good quality longer wigs are actually more in the $40+ range). On the plus side, as long as you’re not doing heavy styling, you really don’t need a super thick wig. I’ve used plenty of cheap wigs to fine results. My Gakupo wig was off some random seller and it photographed nicely:

If you’re not opposed, you can also look for gently used better quality wigs at the marketplace, but that is very much buyer beware. In fact, on the front page there is at least one ebay wig selling for more than the average ebay price, so be wary of those. If you go for secondhand, look for decent brands.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! Sorry to bother you, I bet you get this a lot but I've just completely missed it. I want to cosplay Erwin but can't find a good wig. Where did you get yours or could you link a good one from Ebay? Thank you so much and have a nice day ~
shikarius shikarius Said:

…That one is actually some godawful ebay wig that chessy used for Dave Strider or something… The brown bits are actually my hair.

And this, dear children, is why you don’t give me your new number in a mass message. I will wait a week and abuse it thoroughly.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
[#There was that time I switched from Levi to Erwin and I forgot to switch the eyebrows] Please say there are pictures I didn't know you did Erwin
shikarius shikarius Said:

I may have… Just left my (smudged to hell) Levi makeup on…

In my defense, that entire con was crack. chessy-tan and I ran around as 5’0 Mike and 5’2 Erwin respectively. All of the Levis were taller than us; it was great.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Does spirit gum work to cover eyebrows?
shikarius shikarius Said:

Spirit gum works as an initial adhesive to get your eyebrows to lay flat, but it won’t cover the texture. I hate HATE getting spirit gum out of my brows, even with the included remover or Bond Off so I don’t use it. If you’re fine with it, though, it can speed up the process a bit.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Okay so I've got the eyebrows of a lumberjack, and the glue on my eyebrows just doesn't work. Is there any way to help the process of disappearing eyebrows? Or something else besides glue? :(
shikarius shikarius Said:

Mate, if drag queens with their natural brows can do it, you can do it. It’s practice and patience.

Now here’s the bit you probably don’t want to hear: it can take me upwards of an hour to get my eyebrows set. Layers and layers and layers. There isn’t much getting around that.



Imagine Erwin dressing up as Levi for Halloween but not doing anything about his eyebrows.

Levi dresses up as Mike.

Walks around on stilts.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! In hiding your eyebrows, is it alright to use a washable glue (liquid not in stick form) ? I know this might be stupid but can I use it to keep it in place ?
shikarius shikarius Said:

I don’t think it would dry quickly enough to be of any use to you. The glue stick is instantly sticky, so it flattens your brows immediately and dries to the touch within a minute. Liquid glue, not so much.

Also in general, glue sticks are a washable glue.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You're a counselor? I've been dealing with severe depression for almost 18 years, among a lot of other issues. I've tried talking to psychiatrists and psychologists before, but none of them felt right, so I gave up on that. Could, I try talking to you?
shikarius shikarius Said:

Unfortunately I’m just a grad applicant at the moment and am in no way a licensed practitioner at this point in time. I’d be happy to chat with you off anon, but my primary suggestion would be to look into university medical programs with a psychiatric or clinical psych component. Not only do they often offer free or subsidized therapeutic services, but they’re also generally a bit more experimental than established practitioners since they often serve a double function as research facilities. If you’ve already tried several regular doctors, this may be a route worth pursuing. 

Severe depression is often biologically based to some degree, so it’s usually helpful to seek a combination of medical and psycho-therapeutic intervention. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help at the moment.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm going to see a counsellor soon and I'm super nervous, but hearing about you and your pizza rolls has helped to calm me down immensely because it puts everything in a more human and positive light c:
shikarius shikarius Said:

Remember, your counselor is not a god, your counselor is someone who happened to go to school for a while to hopefully become good at something. You’re ultimately the one calling the shots and if something isn’t working for you, move on. Our job is to be the Sherlock Holmes of your mental state but, as you might imagine, not everyone is quite at that level.

That said, I hope it goes really well for you right off the bat!