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can we have an eye tutorial for the makeup you did on your Kaneki cosplay please?
shikarius shikarius Said:

That was super abbreviated since it took 20 minutes just to get the damn contact in and people were waiting for me OTL;;;

But it’s just liquid latex with some shredded and rolled single-ply tissue paper for the raised bits. There are some really good Latex + tissue tutorials on youtube :o

agent-texas replied to your post: anonymous said:can we have a tuto…

No, I want one too. I want 20.

I’m more concerned about someone needing a tutorial for it. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
can we have a tutorial on the erwin cake plz? i want it for my birthday
shikarius shikarius Said:

Please tell me you’re kidding.

Asker nebulasplay Asks:
do you know where you can buy cheap and good sclera lenses? I'm cosplaying Kaneki and I need lenses!
shikarius shikarius Said:

Good sclera, yes. Cheap, no. These things are dangerous; you really can’t get them cheaply. Mine are Phantasee Gremlins (several sites sell the same lens) and they run about $85+ for a pair. 

Prescription ones start at around $200 per lens iirc.

I am a very serious, very scary cosplayer. Photo!

Asker phinosaur Asks:
i cant believe this i was gonna go to zombie crawl but i didnt get to and my friend took a pic of you and i saw it, then your cosplay and i wa slike "that looks awfully like the cosplay my friend saw" and NEEDLESS TO SAY i feel so ripped off
shikarius shikarius Said:

The universe is cruel~ But seriously, don’t feel too bad. There were 150k people there; a few people who were actively trying to find me couldn’t. Kaneki will be much better next time around anyway, uhgh.

…On a side note, amazingly, mylifeasaweapon and starlordofpelvicsorcery managed to find me out of costume by finding the nearest Starbucks

Mask rode way too low gdit. I might remake the entire frame. But here’s the general idea of zombie-safe Kaneki! Somehow the kagune survived a crowd of 150000 people with minor battle damage.
Pic by @starlordofpelvicsorcery

What a tragedy. (So many things to change for next time, but good test run!) #denverzombiecrawl #kanekiken #cosplayprogress #tokyoghoul #tokyoghoulcosplay

Ready to go! Hope this doesn’t look like a trainwreck all together. #kanekiken #tokyoghoul #cosplayprogress

Asker Anonymous Asks:
your kagune is so cool! Would you mind sharing what the basic process was on how you made it o:
shikarius shikarius Said:

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I essentially did the bulk of the work in a day and a half and didn’t think about it. OTL;;; It’s 8 gauge copper wire from Home Depot (~20 ft?) in two long sections bent at the middle to sink into corset lacing, 1.5 shredded jumbo pool noodles stabbed and glued onto said wire, all exposed sectioned covered in 1 can of expanding foam, entire set-up covered in 2 thick layers of mold making latex, painted with black plastidip rubber coating spray, finger painted with red pax paint. 

Idea of the base skeleton with shredded noodle:

Painted vs unpainted bit so you can see the expanding foam:

Each section of two tentacles bends at the middle and sticks straight into the corset lacing. The top set is stuck behind the modesty panel for no particular reason:

There’s a little slack on the wire so it can fit outside the outermost layer of clothing like so:

It’s going to be a pain with the bodysuit outfit since I have to build corset shorts to support this set. This time around, I’ve got a hoodie that I’ve cut a slit in, so I put on the corset, put on the hoodie, then slip the wire “U”s through the slit. Hope that helps!