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Happy early birthday to myself? Dress is a fairly recent Diane von Furstenberg showfloor model (90% off retail yes please) and a lovely crepe suzette corset. Probably not going to be wearing them together, mind you. (Taken with instagram)

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    Aw, thanks kindly! :D I’d like to get something that matches the cream color a bit better. I do like the structural...
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    Ari stop you’re so pretty and fashionable aaaaa
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    I love the combo! Wear them together! Happy birthday, you look fabulous :)
  6. tipsy-arachnid said: The dress is so pretty ahhh <3 the corset too but you know~
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  8. bontenmaru said: dayum guuuurl
  9. lokiofgallifrey said: I think they compliment each other beautifully. Maybe if you paired it with a neutral bolero it’d be even cuter XD