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HOW TO HAWKEYE (pre-Avengers outfit)

All credit to the guys at the RPF forum Hawkeye topic for the finds- I don’t know how you guys do it.

As far as we’ve been able to tell, these are either the actual items used or as close as you can get. This is a set-up for a fairly screen-accurate Compromised!Hawkeye. Kind of expensive, but it’s an alternative to having to make his Avengers outfit head to toe. Also, you could use this as a base to sew your own!

1. Blackhawk ITS HPFU V.2 Performance Vest. Around $50 depending on your size. You’ll need to remove the velcro and probably tailor in the waist just a touch. They’re not meant to be tight, but this is a superhero movie. Plain black t-shirt underneath. From Here.

2. Bianchi Accumold 7210 Nylon Duty Black Belt. I still don’t know how they found it, but this is… the belt. From Here.

3. G3 Combat Pants in black (shown in camo). Unfortunately these’ll set you back $200 and they don’t come with the knee pads, but they’re built to facilitate the kneepads. On the bright side you could basically fit a small galaxy in all of the pockets. From here

4. AirFlex Combat knee pads in black. At $30 a pair, these aren’t too crazy. Problem is you have to build the pants around them. From here.

5. Blackhawk Warrior Wear Operations Jacket. This is the one he was wearing in the opening scenes, just with added SHIELD patches on the shoulder. And hey, if you’re going to throw down $180, at least it’s a nice shell jacket. From Here.

6.H&K P30 Airsoft. You’ll need to paint on the silver ejection port but otherwise it’s set. The spring version is relatively inexpensive, but you’d better disable the heck out of it if you want it for con use. Anywhere that does airsofts should have them. Honestly, I’d just suggest a toy one. PAINT IT PURPLE.

Notes: If you’re up for a little diy, the thigh rig shroud is here and you’ll need a holster to fit whatever gun you’re using (I think the real one is also Blackhawk?). There are adapters available, but a forum member suggested drilling a few holes and mounting the holster yourself.

The bow is based off of a heavily modified Hoyt Buffalo recurve bow, but the actual ones used in the film were built from scratch. As for the Buffalo, something tells me you don’t want to drop $600+ on a prop base. On a happier note, he’s actually using a plain soft quiver, not his crazy custom vacuformed one from later in the movie. The arm guard is fairly standard and we’re not sure on the shooting glove, but it’s probably not custom.

Hope this has helped and Happy Hawkeye-ing!

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