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Sherlock NYC mini-meet! You guys were fantastic and I love you *A*

First we went to Tea and Sympathy in West Village which serves an excellent cream tea, had lots of feelings, pondered Benny’s Burritos, and trekked down to Forbidden Planet in Union Square. I lovingly stroked a Bourne Legacy poster and finally got that copy of Esquire with Jeremy on the cover!

Afterwards we ran around Union trying to find chalk, talked a lady out of buying Roseart supplies, and CHALKED THE HELL OUT OF UNION. I only took a few pictures, but seriously it was fandom. Fandom everywhere. Marvel’s Superwholock with a dash of pony and Asscreed. Also Hawkass.

Afterwards, we went to Toys R’ Us in Times Square and, in the Marvel area, Cap, Iron Man, and Spiderman were taking pictures so of course we were snickering going “Superfamilyyyyy!” until Cap turned and started adjusting Spidey’s mask. Basically we all went “AWWWWWWWW!” at the same time. It was beautiful.

So yeah. The BBC potluck needs to happen.

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  4. jienkishi said: Wait…you ship superfamily??? :D
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    I honestly could not contain my Superfamily feels. Also, I call bringing the Jelly Babies to the potluck because I am...
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    Aka: me failing at throwing the death frisbee
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    Ahhh was this recent? I’m so sad. TwT
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    We’re so glad you guys had a fun time! Yeah for mini-meetups. Aubre and Nicole were so sad to not be able to make it,...
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    AKDFLADHGLKH:L ^^^^^^ BEAT ME TO IT. Megan took all the awesome pictures, so I’m just waiting for her uploads xD ALSO US...